About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, known as "The Rose of the North", is Thailand's second largest city. Despite its recent economic development, Chiang Mai has managed to retain its rich tradition and culture. Its numerous museums, ancient wats, cultural villages, markets, restaurants, and other natural sites, along with its people's warm hospitality, make Chiang Mai a place worth visiting and returning to.

December to March is the cold season in Chiang Mai. Temperature could go as low as 8.6C. Please bring appropriate clothing.

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Local Tours

Below are the tours available at the hotel.  If you are interested, please contact Khun Nikorn Mahamai  at bkctour@hotmail.com.

Elephant Show

08.30 Leave Chiang Mai for Elephant Camp
09.45 Elephant Show
10.30 Elephant ride through the woods
11.30 Traditional ox-cart ride with local villagers
12.00 Lunch
13.00 River rafting 

Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden-San Kampaeng Hot Spring

08.00 Leave for Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden in Mae Rim District
09.00 Tour around the Botanical Garden 
11.00 Leave for  San Kampaeng Hot Spring
12.00 Lunch
13.00 At leisure (hot spring bathing or swimming)
15.00 Return to Chiang Mai
16.30 Visit the Shevakokomarapat Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai (Thai traditional massage)
18.30 Dinner at vegetarian restaurant

Cultural Community (Wat Gate)

08.00 Tricycle ride to  Chiang Mai's first church
09.00 Visit "six-pole" house and the Gallery Restaurant; enjoy the Bain Niwas atmosphere (the Borneo Trading Co. was an English firm engaged in logging around Chiang Mai about 50 years ago)

Visit Wat Gate and the Sikh Church

Take a bite of  "Chiang Mai Sacoo", a highly popular Thai snack

10.00 Visit last Chiang Mai Prince's house and Wat Sri Khong with Ping Riverside scenery
12.00 Lunch on "Khao Soi" at Fa Haam Rd. (Northern Thai Style egg noodle spicy soup)

Tour of Woodcarving Community, Ban Buak Khang Amphoe Sankampaeng

08.30 Leave Chiang Mai
09.00 Visit Mr. Pet Viria, master woodcarver of Ban Changnak, famous for his effigies of  elephants
10.00 Visit Wat Buak Khang, pay respects to an important Buddha image; admire the twin vihara (chapel), the only one of  its kind in the world
11.00 Visit the home of Por Khru Titigorn Magaeow, a famous painter of Lanna
12.00 Return to hotel

Ancient Cities and Handicraft Villages Tour

Cities and towns that once thrived in the valley have long since disappeared leaving but little trace. This tour visits these sites and studies the small communities where ancient ways have been preserved until the present day.

08.00 Tour begins at the ruins of Wiang Kum Kam, a former capital of King Mangrai
09.30 Continue to Wiang Ta Kan, where settlements date back to the Haripunchai period
11.00 Return to Ban Thawai, the woodcarving capital of Thailand, and Bang Muang Kung, where earthenware pots are made
12.00 Tour ends

Understanding the Hill Tribes

Day 1

08.00 Visit the Hilltribe Museum at the King Rama 9th Lanna Park, listen to a lecture on the Thai hilltribes, and enjoy the exhibition
10.00 Travel to Taad Mok Waterfall in Mae Taeng District by pick-up truck (along the Mae Malai-Pai Rd.)
11.30 Buy food and beverages at the Mae Malai market
12.00 Lunch at Taad Mok Waterfall
13.30 Travel to hilltribe village
14.30 Arrive in the village, visit coffee plantations and cornfields
15.00 Hear a talk on hilltribe culture
18.00 Dinner

Stay overnight in the hilltribe village

Day 2

06.30 Breakfast
08.00 Participate in hilltribe activities, e.g. collection of coffee berries and corn;  social work:  contribute to school-building work, etc.
12.00 Lunch
14.00 Journey back to Chiang Mai
16.00 Arrive in Chiang Mai

Wood-Carving, Handmade Cotton

08.00 Leave for Baan Tawai, Hang Dong District
09.00 Visit wood-carving village
11.00 Go to Chom Thong district
12.00 Lunch

Visit Wat Prathat Sri Chom Thong

13.00 Go to Baan Nong Ab Chang
14.00 Observe the cotton weaving and natural color dyed cotton at Baan Nong Ab Chang Village
15.00 Go to Baan Rai Pai Ngarm

Saengda Bunnasit's Museum on cotton weaving and natural dyed cotton

17.00 Journey back to Chiang Mai
18.30 Arrive in Chiang Mai