Panel 1: Origins, Early Migration, and Cultural Exchange in Pre-historic Southeast Asia

Chair: Ang Choulean [Royal University of Fine Arts]

  • Current Evidence of Prehistoric Trade, Cultural Exchange and Migration of People from Bukit Tengkorak, Semporna, Sabah and Other Sites in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Stephen Chia Ming Soon [Universiti Sains Malaysia]
  • Austronesians in Sulawesi: Its Origins, Diaspora and Living Traditions, Harry Truman Simanjuntak [Center for Archaeological Research]
  • Expanding the Research Horizon on the Neolithic of Island Southeast Asia, Victor Paz [Archaeological Studies Program, University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • The Study of the Circular Earthwork or Banteay Kou in Southeast Asia, Thuy Chanthourn [Royal Academy of Cambodia]
  • Contribution of Human Fossils from Indonesia for the Examination of Human History in Southeast Asia, Johan Arif [Institute of Technology Bandung]

Panel 2: History Writing, Oral Tradition, and Studies on Southeast Asian Intellectuals

Chair: Resil Mojares [University of San Carlos]

  • New Lights on the Life and Works of Teungku Di Pulo: An Achechnese Intellectual in the late 19th and 20th Centuries, Fakhriati [University of Indonesia]
  • The Transformation of the Public Sphere in Modern Thai Discourse, Thanet Aphornsuvan [Thammasat University]
  • Locating Ethnicity in Southeast Asian Historiography, Maria Nela Florendo [University of the Philippines - Baguio]

Panel 3: Trade from the 15th to 17th Centuries

Chair: Yoneo Ishii [National Institutes for the Humanities, Japan]

  • An Analysis of Ceramic Evidence from Shipwrecks in the Philippines, Thailand and Brunei to Identify Probable Trends in Long Distance Trade During the 15th Century,Bobby Orillaneda [University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • Zheng He and the Ceramics Trade in Southeast Asia, Roxanna Brown [Bangkok University]
  • Siam-Japan Munition Trade in the 16th and 17th Centuries, Piyada Chonlaworn [Independent Researcher]
  • Jade and the Myanmar Economy in the Colonial Period, 1885-1948, Thanyarat Apiwong [Chiang Mai University]

Panel 4: Port History

Chair: Shaharil Talib [Special Research Unit, Attorney General’s Chambers Malaysia]]

  • Labuan, 1846-1963: From Natural Island to Planned Port, Nazli bin Aziz [University of Malaya]
  • Trade and the Development of the Port of Penang, Win Myat Aung [SEAMEO Regional Centre for History and Tradition]
  • Regional Interactions: A History of Some Penang and Phuket Commercial Links, 1786-1940, Loh Wei Leng [University of Malaya]

Panel 5: Transborder Migration and Religion (A)

Chair: Diana Wong [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]

  • Christ was an Illegal Migrant: Christian Proselytization in Upriver Sarawak (Malaysia), Dave Lumenta [Kyoto University]
  • Ministers on the Move: Current Issues and Trends in Religion and Migration, Maria Eufrecina Mae Barros [University of the Philippines - Baguio]
  • Transborder Migration and Religion: The Social Context of Religious Conversion Among the Hmong in Vietnam, Nguyen Tran Lam [University of Amsterdam]
  • Lahu Baptist History: Protestantism, Modernity, and the Movement of People and Ideas, Judith Pine [University of Puget Sound]

Panel 6: Visual and Performing Arts, Culture Change and Exchange

Chair: Victor Paz [University of the Philippines - Diliman]

  • Decorative Glass Mosaic in Mandalay: A Study of the Cultural Relation and Change during the late Konbaung and Colonial Period in Myanmar (1857-1949), Sittiporn Netniyom [Chiang Mai University]
  • A Historical and Socio-Cultural Study of Zinme and Luntaya Acheik Cloths: A Regional Cultural Exchange Across Time and Space, Naruemol Teerawat [Chiang Mai University]
  • Ethnicity and the Issue of Representation in Cultural Forms, Delfin Tolentino, Jr. [University of the Philippines - Baguio]
  • A Cultural Identity Constructed by a Southern Thai Performance Tradition, Takako Iwasawa [National Museum of Ethnology]

Panel 7: Consumption, Leisure and Space

Chair: Nguyen Van Chinh [Vietnam National University]

  • The Politics of Performance in Bangkok’s Gay Saunas, Nikos Lexis Dacanay [University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • Ethnicity, Consumption and Urban Space in Third and First World Settings in Southeast Asia: The Philippines and Singapore Experience,
  • Elizabeth Morales-Nuncio [University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • Ho Chi Minh City and the Political Economy of Reform, Chae Suhong [Chonbuk National University]
  • Pop Architecture in Southeast Asia: Cultural Transition of the Places of Uniqueness,Dewi Jayanti [University of Udayana]
  • All Tomorrow’s Parties: Utopia and Public Space in the Parallel Structures and Peripheral Orbits of Rirkrit Tiravanija, Lawrence Chua [Cornell University]

Panel 8: New Media, Pop Cultures, In(ter) Asia (A)

Chair: Ariel Heryanto [University of Melbourne]

  • Malaysian Audience Reception of Indonesian and Filipino Soap Operas, Haryati Abdul Karim [Universiti Malaysia Sabah]
  • Language in an Indonesian and a Thai Teen Movie, David Hanan [Monash University]
  • Asia Invades the Philippines: Asian Soap Operas and Philippine Programming, Jane Vinculado [University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • From Beyond Rangoon to Shan VCD: The Politics and Authenticity of Appropriation, Amporn Jirattikorn [University of Texas at Austin]
  • Consuming Taiwanese Boys Culture: Watching Meteor Garden With Urban Kampung Women in Indonesia, Rachmah Ida [Curtin University of Technology]

Panel 9: Transnational Marriage and the State

Chair: Mika Toyota [National University of Singapore]

  • Two Spouses, Two States: Considering Inter-Asian Divorce, Allison Alexy [Yale University]
  • A Better Life: Hidden Stories of Taiwanese-Southeast Asian Marriages, Shang-Luan Yan [Taipei City Government]
  • Increasing International Marriages in Korea: Comparisons Between Southeast Asian and East Asian Spouses, Yean Ju-Lee [University of Hawaii]
  • The Role of the State and Underlying Social Factors in Regulating Transnational Marriages in the Philippines, Joseph Ryan Indon [Ateneo de Manila University]

Panel 10: Traditions and Border Crossings: The Creation of Contemporary Performance in Southeast Asia (A)

Chair: Tan Sooi Beng [Universiti Sains Malaysia]

  • Joget Dance: Southeast Asia Transborder Cultural Entertainment, Julianti Parani [National Archives Singapore & Jakarta Institute of the Arts]
  • When There is No More Music…or… Dumagat Internal Refugees in the Philippines and Issues of “Cultural Objecthood,” Dr. Jonas Baes [University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • Innovation in Javanese Wayang Kulit, Santosa Soewarlan [STSI Surakarta, Indonesia]
  • A Chinese Take(away) of Brahms: How the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Courted Europe, Tan Shzr Ee [University of London]

Panel 11: Transnational Migration and the Social Aspects of Remittances in Southeast Asia

Chair: Brenda Yeoh [National University of Singapore]

  • The Social Organization of Remittances: Remittance-Transfer from East and Southeast Asia to Bangladesh, Md Mizanur Rahman [National University of Singapore]
  • Social Remittance and Development: Some Empirical and Theoretical Observations from Indonesian Plantation Workers and Filipino Domestics in Malaysia, Linda Lumayag [Universiti Putra Malaysia]
  • Changing Vietnamese Rural Family’s Structure in the Duration of Renovation: Illustrations of the Aspects of Remittances from Labor Exported Women to Taiwan and Malaysia, Le Minh Thi [Hanoi School of Public Health]
  • OFW Remittances, Social Capital and Inequality in the Philippines, Leslie Advincula-Lopez [Ateneo de Manila University]
  • The Community Dimension and Social Aspects of Remittances: The Case of Filipina Domestic Workers in Tokyo, Brenda Resurecion Tenegra [Ochanomizu University]

Panel 12: Reconstruction of Political Structures and Institutions

Chair: Miriam Coronel Ferrer [University of the Philippines - Diliman]

  • Federalism, Constitution Making and State Building in Burma, Ngun Cung Lian [Indiana University School of Law]
  • Regional Ethnic Identity and the Unity of Indonesia, Lugina Setyawati [University of Indonesia]
  • Dynamics of Political Transition in Myanmar: Impediments and Alternative Futures, B.M. Jain [University of Rajasthan]
  • Political Change of Authoritarian Regimes in the 1980s: A Comparative Study of South Korea and Singapore, Lew Seok-Choon [Yonsei University]
  • National Self-Determination and Federalism in Southeast Asia: Disjuncture Between Law and Policy?, Eugene Tan [Singapore Management University] and Ms. Tina Kempin [University of Pennsylvania]

Panel 13: Art as Medium of Political Expression

Chair: Ruth McVey [University of London]

  • Colonial Posterities: Portraiture and the Face of the Modern, Patrick Flores [University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • Dagalandia and Dalilandia: Visualizing Desire for Social and Political Change Through Comics in Indonesia and the Philippines, Dakila Fernando [University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • Sublime Rock: Burmese Popular Music, Language Code Switching and Sentimentalism Among Shan Migrants at the Thai-Burma Border, Jane Ferguson [Cornell University]

Panel 14: Women in the Nation, in Society, and at Work

Chair: Taufik Abdullah [Indonesian Academy of Sciences & Indonesian Institute of Sciences]

  • Women, Nation, and the Ambivalence of Subversive Identifications Among Shan Women in Thailand and Myanmar, Pinkaew Laungaramsri [Chiang Mai University]
  • Redefining Women: The Case of Female Migrant Workers from Godong, Grobogan, Central Java, Tri Marhaeni Astuti [Lembaga Penelitian UNNES Semarang]
  • Resource Access and Tenure, Indigenous Women’s Relations to Land and Production, and Political Mobilization: Some Observations on the Ibaloy Igorot of the Northern Philippine Highlands and the Moros of Muslim Mindanao, Myrthena Fianza [Mindanao State University]
  • Eroticism and Religiosity: Mainstream Phenomena in Women’s Writing of Contemporary Indonesian Literature, Cahyaningrum Dewajati [Universitas Gadjah Mada]
  • From Fields to Coasts: Determinants of Women’s Work, Marrietta Sumagaysay [University of the Philippines in the Visayas - Tacloban College]

Panel 15: Education and Change

Chair: Thanet Aphornsuvan [Thammasat University]

  • A Comparative Study of Chinese Education in the Philippines and Malaysia, Ellen Huang Palanca [Ateneo de Manila University]
  • Social Transformation Through Popular Education, Endang Kusumajaya [Pontianak State Polytechnic]
  • Translating Modernity: Remaking Pesantren Buntet, Suparto [Monash University]

Panel 16: History Writing, Oral Tradition, and Studies on Southeast Asian Intellectuals (B)

Chair: Bambang Purwanto [Gadjah Mada University]

  • The Characteristics of the Malay Historiography, Hussain Othman [Tun Hussein Onn University College of Technology (Malaysia)]
  • Some Problems on Methodology: The Variants of Sja'ir Perang Mengkasar, Ivie Carbon Esteban [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]
  • Islamic and Pre-Islamic Culture: The Data of Malay Oral Literature in Cupang Gading, West Kalimantan, Dedy Ari Asfar [Balai Bahasa Kalimantan Barat]

Panel 17: Language Choice and Identity

Chair: Consuelo Paz [University of the Philippines - Diliman]

  • Language Choice in a Multilingual Society: The Chinese Minority of Sekadau (Indonesia), Chong Shin [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]
  • Language and Identity: A Comparison of Riam Panjang (Indonesia) and Sepauh (Sarawak), Yusriadi [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]
  • History of Malay in the 17th Century: Malay Grammar in the 17th Century, Karim Harun [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]
  • Dynamics of Identity: The Transition of Polite Expressions in the Vietnamese Language Spoken in Vietnam, Sophana Srichampa [Mahidol University]
  • The Praxis of Language Choice Among Benawas Speakers in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia, James Collins [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]

Panel 18: Borders in History

Chair: Charnvit Kasetsiri [Thammasat University]

  • The Changing Nature of Conflict Between Burma and Siam at the Time of Growth and Development of Burmese States, 16th–19th Century, Pamaree Surakiat [Chulalongkorn University]
  • The Illanun Diaspora, 1765-1851: An Ethnohistory of Marine Wandering, Rolando Esteban [University of the Philippines - Los Baños, Laguna]
  • From (Malay) Heartland to Borderland: An Historical Evolution of Patani and the Thai State, Mala Rajo Sathian [University of Malaya]
  • Kokang in the Myanmar-China Borderland, Xiuli Wang [Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University]
  • Sharing the Burden Among Marginalized People in the Border Areas of East Kalimatan-Indonesia and Sarawak-Malaysia, I Ketut Ardhana [Research Center for Regional Resources (PSDR-LIPI)]

Panel 19: Divinity, Rituals, and Beliefs (A)

Chair: Prasit Leepreecha [Chiang Mai University]

  • Religious Cults Among the Karens in Myanmar and Thailand, Kwanchewan Buadaeng [Chiang Mai University]
  • Psychological Anthropology of Religion in Northern Thailand, Julia Cassaniti [University of Chicago]
  • Lola as Bicol Babaylan, Judith Balares-Salamat [Camarines Sur State Agricultural College]
  • Undertakers in the Mon Community: Lives and Identities, Taweesak Woraritruengaurai [Thammasat University]

Panel 20: Regionalization in Southeast Asia: Issues and Prospects

Chair: Ekamol Saichan [Chiang Mai University]

  • Mekong Community Dialogues: How to Build Cross-Border Environmental Governance, Sergio Adrian Feld [UNDP Regional Centre in Bangkok]
  • Southeast Asian Dynamism After the End of Cold War, Withaya Sucharithanarugse [Chulalongkorn University]
  • East Asian Economic Integration: Past, Present and Future, Rujhan Bin Mustafa [Universiti Malaysia Sarawak]
  • Southeast Asia: Towards the Zone of Benign Images, Daniel Novotny [University of New South Wales]
  • The Basis of SIJORI (Singapore-Johor-Riau) Cooperation: A Study of the Participation of Riau, Hasrul Sani Siregar [Riau University]

Panel 21: Borders, Migration and Community Formation

Chair: Pinkaew Laungaramsri [Chiang Mai University]

  • Cultural Border, Contested Landscape and Hierarchies of Power: Sinicized Tai Migrant Workers Along the Burma-Yunnan Frontier in the Labor Trade Context, Ms. Aranya Siriphon [Chiang Mai University]
  • Trans-Border Migration and Local Community in Thailand: The Case of Migrant Workers from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia in Chonburi – (Part 1) Overview, and Social Life of Migrant Workers, Preecha Kuwinpant [Chulalongkorn University]; and Mr. Masaru Fujii [Kobe University]
  • Trans-Border Migration and Local Community in Thailand: The Case of Migrant Workers from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia in Chonburi – (Part 2) Migration Processes and Working Conditions of Migrant Workers, Atsushi Kitahara [Kobe University]
  • Migratory History and Network Building of the Yunnanese Muslim on the Thai-Myanmar Border, Liulan Wang [Kyoto University]
  • A Town of Thailand or Burma?: Ethnoscapes of a Border Town in the Thai-Burmese Borderland, Sang Kook Lee [National University of Singapore]

Panel 22: Land, Farming and the Transformation of Agricultural Communities

Chair: Sophana Srichampa [Mahidol University]

  • Examining Evolutionary Changes in a Comparative Perspective: The Cambodian and Thai Cases of Rice Farming Culture, Yunita Winarto [University of Indonesia]
  • Southeast Asian Land and Resource Tenure Revisited, Yonariza [Andalas University]
  • Family Changes and the Transformation of an Agricultural Community, Sharon Singzon [Asian Institute of Technology]
  • Community-Based Communication and Technology Transfer in Philippine and Thai Rice Farming Villages, Jude William Genilo [Advocates for Community-Based Communication and Development]

Panel 23: Dynamics of Ethnic Relations

Chair: Cynthia Zayas [University of the Philippines - Diliman]

  • The Shan of Yawnghwe: The Story of Inter-Ethnic Relationship Among the Ethnic Groups in Nyaungshwe-Inle, Phumphat Chetiyanonth [Thammasat University]
  • Moving Cultural Identities Between the Montagnards and the Vietnamese People in Dien Bien Phu, Pichet Saiphan [Vietnam National University]
  • Negotiating Ethnic Identities Among Descendants of Cantonese Chinese and Ibaloys in the Uplands of Northern Luzon, Anavic Bagamaspad [University of the Philippines - Baguio]
  • The Dichotomies of Dayak and Melayu in West Kalimantan: Blessing in Disguise or Hidden Calamity, Mr. Albertus Yustinus Imas [Institut Dayakologi and Kalimantan Review Bulletin]

Panel 24: Islamic Identity and Autonomy

Chair: Yekti Maunati [The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PSDR-LIPI)]

  • Construction of Identity of Chinese Moslem in Indonesia and Malaysia, Ubed Abdilah S. [Trijaya Network (Yogyakarta)]
  • Former Moro National Liberation Front's (MNLF) Combatants: Mindanao’s Fighters Turned Farmers, Ruth Mapanao [University of Southern Mindanao]
  • Islamic Fundamentalism and Modernization: The Case of the Jamaah Islamiyah (JI) in Indonesia, Muhammad Wildan [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]
  • Excluding the Included: Bamar (Burman) Muslims' Quest for Bamar-but-Islamic Identity in Burma, Khin Maung Yin [International Islamic University Malaysia]

Panel 25: Fish Fights over Fish Rights: Conflicts and Conflict Resolution in the Fisheries in Southeast Asia

Chair: Catharina Williams [Australian National University]

  • Fish Fights over Fish Rights: Conflicts and Conflict Resolution in Fisheries in Southeast Asia, Nerissa Salayo [The WorldFish Center, Malaysia]
  • Fish Fights over Fish Rights: Conflicts Over Use of Municipal Waters in the Visayan Sea in the Philippines and Prospects for Resolution, Ida Siason [University of the Philippines in the Visayas]
  • Fish Fights over Fish Rights: Conflicts Arising from Re-allocation of Fishing Lots in Cambodia, Keang Seng [Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute]
  • Fish Fights over Fish Rights: Conflicts and Suggested Mitigating Measures for Anchovy and Small-scale Fisheries in Songkhla, Thailand, Masae Awae [Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand]

Panel 26: Transborder Migration and Religion (B)

Chair: Diana Wong [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]

  • The Role of the Catholic Church in Tawau Among the Migrants from Flores Peoples, East Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia, John Haba [Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PMB-LIPI) Jakarta]
  • Religion as a Social Infrastructure in Transnational Migration of Eastern Indonesian Domestic Workers, Catharina Williams [Australian National University]
  • Old Refuge in a New Land: Transnational Religion and the Changing Face of a Lao Wat, Thongrith Phoumirath [Australian National University]
  • The Role of the Church as an Intermediary in Transborder Migration of Chinese-Hakka Christians to Sabah, Malaysia from 1881 to 1946, Sharon Cheuk [Universiti Malaysia Sabah]

Panel 27: Youthful Politics and the Politics of Youth

Chair: I Ketut Ardhana [Research Center for Regional Resources (PSDR-LIPI)]

  • Fight for Freedom or Fight for Democracy? The History of Acehnese Student and Youth Movements, Al Chaidar [Universitas Malikussaleh]
  • Burmese Student Politics and Studentism, Ko Ko Thett [University of Helsinki]
  • The First Quarter Storm and Student Radicalism in the Philippines: Historical Roots and Political Trajectories, Francis Gealogo [Ateneo de Manila University]
  • Looking at Islamic Student Movement in Malaysia: Historical Roots, Current Struggles and Future Challenges, Mohd. Faizal Bin Musa [Penerbitan Se-lain]
  • The Role of Student Movement and the Fall of Suharto, Onanong Thippimol [Walailak University]

Panel 28: Minority in Politics

Chair: Melani Budianta [University of Indonesia]

  • Vietnamese Ethnology in the §æi Míi Period (1986 – 2001), Priscilla Koh Siew Im [National University of Singapore]
  • Democracy and Minorities: A Comparative Study of the Malay-Muslims in Southern Thailand and Thai Buddhists in Northern Malaysia, 1990-2005, Suria Saniwa bin Wan Mahmood [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]
  • Reconstructing Ethnic Identity: A Case of Pakpak in Dairi Regency, North Sumatera, Indonesia,Budi Agustono [University of North Sumatera]
  • Regional Autonomy in the Eyes of Indigenous People: The Case of the Dayak in East Kalimantan-Indonesia, Yekti Maunati [The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PSDR-LIPI)]

Panel 29: Discourse, Related Concepts on Nation-State

Chair: Mya Than [Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Bangkok]

  • Living Between South and Southeast Asia: Mapping the Politics of the Naga Transnational Struggle, Dolly Kikon [Jawaharlal Nehru University]
  • Buddhism and the Reconstruction of the Strong State in Myanmar, 1988-2003, Rattanaporn Poungpattana [Chulalongkorn University]
  • Cyber Separatism, Global Transgression, and the Reconstruction of Nation-State: The Experience from South Thailand, Sirote Klampaiboon [University of Hawaii at Manoa]
  • Are Southeast Asian Societies Progressing?, Kim Ye-Kyoum [Asia United Theological University]
  • Ethnopolitical Mobilizations in the Cordillera and Muslim Mindanao: A Comparison of Two Resistance Narratives, Miriam Coronel Ferrer [University of the Philippines – Diliman]

Panel 30: Traditions and Border Crossings: The Creation of Contemporary Performance in Southeast Asia (B)

Chair: Tan Sooi Beng [Universiti Sains Malaysia]

  • West End + Broadway + Bangsawan = Malaysian Musical, Zulkifli Mohamad [Axia Arts Exchange in Asia (Malaysia)]
  • Si Ganjuo Lalai in ‘Fire in the Husk’: Imagery of Minangkabau Female Dancing Body, Helly Minarti [Kelola Foundation (Jakarta)]
  • Reclaiming the Healing Arts of the Ancient Priestess: Babaylanism as Site of Southeast Asian ‘Feminisms,’ Flaudette May Datuin [University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • Lam-ang: A Study of the Theme of Grief in Three Texts and Appropriation in a Philippine Context, Matthew Santamaria [University of the Philippines - Diliman]

Panel 31: Divinity, Rituals and Beliefs (B)

Chair: Kwanchewan Buadaeng [Chiang Mai University]

  • Goddess of Four Palaces Cult: A Ritual Space of Vietnamese Women, Silapakit Teekantikun [Vietnam National University]
  • Mahayana Buddhist Concepts in Northern Thai Folk Beliefs and Rites: Implication for Archaeology, Watana Moonkham [Chiang Mai University]
  • Fusion with the Divine, Ang Choulean [Royal University of Fine Arts]
  • Magic and Power: Beliefs and Mantra among the Upriver Malays of Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia, Hermansyah [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]
  • Cultural Politics of Religion and Ritual in Vietnam, Choi Horim [Chonnam National University]

Panel 32: New Media, Pop Cultures, In(ter) Asia(B)

Chair: Ariel Heryanto [University of Melbourne]

  • Tracing Circuits of Power, Identity, and Resistance: The Impact of the Ideologies of New Media, Nationalism, Globalization, and Democracy on the Body, Social Bodies, and Body Politics in East Timor and the Philippines, Jacqueline Siapno [Universidade de Paz]
  • The Audience in Action: Making Sense of Thai Television Advertising, John Langer [Victoria University]
  • Women and the Boom of Infotainment in Indonesia: A re-domistification of women, Vissia Yulianto [Universitas Sanata Dharma]
  • Korean Ragnarok and Its Impact on Philippine Contemporary Culture, Eloisa May Hernandez [University of the Philippines - Diliman]

Panel 33: Globalization and Resistance

Chair: Mala Rajo Sathian [University of Malaya]

  • Hmong in Southeast Asia at the Crossroads, Prasit Leepreecha [Chiang Mai University]
  • Resistance of Indigenous People (Plasma Farmer) in an Oil-Palm Plantation in West Kalimantan, Oetami Dewi Dewi [University of Indonesia]
  • Challenges of Globalization: Responses from the Indigenous Peoples of East Malaysia, Hj. Ahmad Fauzi Hj. Morad [Universiti Putra Malaysia]
  • Globalization and Weaving: Negotiating Global Trends and Local Traditions in the Indigenous Textile Production of Island Southeast Asia, Carlos Tatel, Jr. [University of the Philippines - Diliman]
  • Women, Globalization and Resistance, Diana Mendoza [Ateneo de Manila University]